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Product design

- We provide a professional product development service

- Successfully help clients innovate their ideas into commercially viable products

- Assist our clients to set up a commercial agreement with suitable manufacturers who would look to licence their product idea

- Take the design brief from concept to functional prototypes and assist through to manufacturable products

Reverse Engineering

We can can digitise the existing parts and develop new components provided in your required format.


We have successful partnerships model makers in the UK and in China to suit your project requirements.


We offer full rendering service where we can produce photographic realistic images of CAD designs.

Design Support

- We have over 30 year practical experience which enables us to understand our clients goals

-Competively priced over larger consultancies, provide a personal service, effective and appropriate design

- Worked progressively in the design transfer to volume manufacture

- You will be dealing directly with a small team with detailed knowledge of your project and having worked with similar institutions